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Facilities Management & Property Management

We are any investor’s best advisor and implementer should renovation be required, no matter how minor the required changes are. Our objective is to generate for the investor the best return on his investment, and we chose to do so by directing the customer’s budget for reconstruction towards the projects with the highest impact on income flow and property value.

With this in mind, our team of highly qualified experts assesses the whole project throughout its life cycle, applying detailed supervision in the process. The team also cooperates with architecture and engineering firms in order to review the different legal issues related to permits, zones and the overall community welfare. In addition, both parties carefully prepare management construction plans, schedules and budgets. Our importance and uniqueness is further demonstrated through our Commercial Division team which runs a wide variety of construction logistics.

We are able to customize our services to meet the requirements of any property owner; in this regard, we can maintain and manage, in direct collaboration with engineers and architects, multi-story office buildings, retail shopping centers, office and/or warehouse facilities, industrial properties, as well as residential lodgings.

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that our clients are delicately served and their objectives are achieved according to the business plans set to assist them in making correct decisions.