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Retail Construction Services

Selecting the Right Site Location
When selecting a location, we can guide a project through a myriad of related key issues including necessary zoning approvals; inspections; evaluation of space conditions and requirements; assessment of utility needs and the costs to increase power, and water and sewer capacities if needed. We also survey ventilation requirements, provide financial analysis and feasibility recommendations for a proposed project, and lease negotiation consultation.

Meeting Building Codes/Requirements
We are familiar with and understand the appropriate local city building codes and construction requirements to ensure that a project flows smoothly. Throughout a project’s life cycle we provide consultation in a number of areas, including Planning Department requirements, the A.B.C. process, seating capacity limits, Conditional Use process information, Building and Health Department requirements and estimated City and County fees.

Assembling a Disciplined Project Design Team
Our goals and needs for the implementation of a project dictate the qualifications of a high caliber design team that can convert an idea, concept or business plan into reality. Through years of experience in the industry, our executives are able to ascertain which architects, engineers, technicians, and kitchen and lighting designer professionals to contract, so that the best team of specialists is working on any given project.

Seamless Project Coordination
Our construction management agent who is involved in a project’s lifecycle from its inception throughout its construction phase until its completion ensures a smooth operation. Furthermore, our experienced construction structured systems, reporting procedures, customized accounting, and project scheduling knowledge keeps a job on track, completing it on time and without costly delays.

Acquiring Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
We add value to a project through our vast resource network and through our knowledge base and experience. Our ability to select the right fabric for window treatments, find the perfect bar stools to complement a nightclub or simply know which oven works best ensures that a project is completed on time without costly delays.

Fiduciary Responsible Budgeting
We work on the basis that the mark of a financially responsible contractor is one which approaches a project with an eye toward keeping construction costs within established budget parameters, without sacrificing quality or compromising the integrity of the concept.

Supervising the Bid Process
Our intimate involvement in the construction bid process can eliminate confusion, reduce costs and achieve the goals of the owner. As an experienced construction firm we blend an architect's or designer's plans into a comprehensive well-defined bid package which can be successfully executed by our subcontractors.

Securing Subcontractors and Suppliers
We rely on our existing working relationships with well-established subcontractors and suppliers to ensure a commitment toward the completion of a project.